goodsugar pop-up circa 2021

goodsugar pop-up circa 2021

The pop-up was so 2021. We now have a permanent home at 1186 3rd Ave. since April 2023.

So in need are we of organic cold pressed juice and organic smoothies that I had to open an entirely new place with an entirely new business model.

Here's what to expect at my first goodsugar™ organic longevity bar – opening soon:

(1) No more single use plastic (this is a big deal!).

(2) We use only organic produce.

(3) We wash the produce right in front of you in our beautiful produce washing machine.

(4) We're offering fresh in-house bakery items including gluten-free and refined sugar-free cakes, donuts, and other very pure and delicious things.

(5) We have the first juice and elixir shot bar in New York City.

(6) We've created unbelievably delicious, warming, comforting health food recipes including satisfying curries, an insanely good "buffalo" cauliflower recipe, burrito, and so much more.

(7) I got out of the sad and lonely retail refrigeration business, and now I display all my product on ice in custom made ice chests.

(8) I am free to create what I believe is the product for our health and for the enjoyment of all family members, young and old.

(9) Transparent and truthful processes and ingredients, no mislabeling, NO HPP, maximum freshness, and beyond.

(10) goodsugar is free from the stressful environment of a corporate office and scary executive type people. This means our kitchen and our mission is righteous!

Drink our juice soon after it is pressed and feel yourself becoming more beautiful! How long has it been since we tasted juice this amazing, with this color, this aroma, with this power? Not one single place in all of New York is doing all this the right way. We know why: it’s hard work, and it rarely pays off.

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