A Poem About The Founder

A Poem About The Founder

In the realm of health and wellness, a quirky soul appears, Marcus Antebi, spreading goodsugar with playful cheers, With a poetic twist and a touch of funny rhyme, He'll help you make your body a fortress, one sip at a time.

"Give me 20% of your money," he jibes with a grin, As laughter echoes, a lighthearted way to begin, At goodsugar, unpasteurized wonders await, Pressurized juice-free, a wholesome, plant-based plate.

No refined ingredients, no processed food in sight, Just pure goodness, a delicious and healthy delight, Say "NO" to dairy, eggs, and powdered soups too, Embrace clean produce and bid plastic adieu.

Once the founder of Juice Press, a wellness quest, Now goodsugar shines, bringing health to the rest, Maybe, just maybe, 762 stores shall bloom, But for now, New Yorkers find solace in its room.

"The goodsugar Diet," a book of transformative power, Penned during covid, a labor of love, hour after hour, With humor woven through its pages, a delightful sight, A whimsical journey to enhance your life's light.

No book peddler he, no tours or signings grand, But a writer at heart, crafting wisdom by hand, Joined by Fred Bisci and Dr. Mechanick, his kin, At goodsugar, their shared vision dances within.

Not just for personal well-being, but for the Earth's health, Sustainability cherished, ingredients from nature's wealth, And if you can't afford the book, worry not, my friend, Visit the goodsugar spot, a free copy he'll lend.

Fruit sugar, he proclaims, is nature's nectar sweet, Rich in nutrients, a nourishing treat, Yet beware processed sugar, its allure and strife, A disruptor of chemistry, causing havoc in life.

So join the goodsugar parade, embrace the joy, With laughter, whimsy, and products that deploy, Marcus Antebi, a comedic wellness guide, Improving lives, with goodsugar as his playful pride.

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