a Poem on HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization)

a Poem on HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization)

HPP, oh what a mockery it be, Sucking the life out of juice, for all to see, Two processes concern us, health foods we adore, Pasteurization and GMOs, let's explore.

Pasteurization, a requirement by law, To sell juices wholesale, an enforced draw, Heat or pressure, the methods they employ, Extending shelf life, but taste they destroy.

Nutritional quality depletes with haste, Unpleasant flavors, a bitter aftertaste, Fresh juices and smoothies, forgotten delight, Untouched by pasteurization's blight.

Small stores like mine, exempt from this fate, Our products expire, but the taste, oh so great, A taste test reveals, a brighter, fuller flavor, Supermarket juices, dull in their behavior.

Chemical composition altered, nutrients disturbed, Enzymes denatured, the body left perturbed, Probiotics, allies of the gut, fall prey, Lost in the battle, pasteurization's sway.

Inferior, pasteurized products, it's clear to see, Benefiting manufacturers, not you or me, Government mandates, fears of bacteria's plight, Risk is low, yet pasteurization takes flight.

Fresh produce, feared for lurking danger, But washing won't kill pathogens, a truth to wager, The FDA, lacking in nutrition's domain, Focused on regulations, wellness industries in vain.

Companies pressurize, extending shelf life, Creating inferior products, causing strife, Fresh juice, a true delight, as wine may age, But pasteurized counterparts, akin to donkey's wage.

Unpasteurized, freshly made juice, the way to be, Where taste and vitality blend harmoniously, Compare supermarket's offering, see the divide, Seek a refund, embrace goodsugar's genuine tide.

And GMOs, the genetically modified tale, A centrist's perspective, a balanced sail, Manipulated organisms, a scientific feat, Promising benefits, but also concealing deceit.

Increased yields, resistance, food security's claim, Yet damage to soil, crop diversity's bane, Threatening life, crucial to the ecosystem's grace, Science's double-edged sword, a challenging embrace.

Corporations, motives veiled by greed, Concerns for health and planet, they pay no heed, Transparency we demand, from those with power, To protect our well-being, in this defining hour.

GMOs, a compassionate solution, if done right, As intelligent beings, nature's laws in sight, Overpopulation's burden, a challenge we face, Feeding the hungry, easing troubles we embrace.

Yet lessons from the past, we mustn't ignore, Science and progress, corrupted at its core, Excessive gains, at society's expense, Caution and vigilance, our common defense.

Non-GMO produce, a fortunate gift, In my store, a promise, a much-needed uplift, Rarity may come, but education shall prevail, To understand GMOs, beyond a mere tale.

Indulge in the products, knowledge in your stride, Awareness of GMO usage, let it be your guide.

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