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chocolate chip cookie (mini)

chocolate chip cookie (mini)

healthy • adorable

Almond Butter, Chocolate Chips, Cassava Flour, Vanilla, Maple Sugar, Baking Soda 🍪

Crafted with precision, free from sugars and flour refined, This vegan bakery is the purest you'll ever find.  Even the most disciplined crave sweetness or salt, Or a craving for crunch, fluff, or delight without fault. Sometimes our bodies yearn for a gentle touch, Love and conversation, simple pleasures as such. And if we cannot find what we truly need, We turn to food for comfort, for a soothing feed. There's no shame in that, for we're all human indeed, The toughest of souls seek solace when they're in need. Deep down inside, a childlike heart still beats, Longing for affection, tenderness, and treats. Let's cherish these moments and enjoy each sweet, And celebrate the beauty of life, in every heartbeat.

full of
  • Fiber
  • Antioxidants
  • Healthy Fats
free of
  • Refined Sugar
  • Processed Ingredients
  • Dairy & Gluten
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No Adult Supervision Required
Almond Butter
Healthy fats, protein, and fiber
Cassava also known as «yuca» and «arrowroot» makes a good alternative to standard flours for those who cannot have gluten
As natural as a sweetener can get, because it's tapped directly from trees
Sea Salt
Sea salt is minimally processed, so it naturally contains various minerals.