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Postcards for Juice Press by Marcus Antebi


(As of September 2019, I am not involved with Juice Press in any capacity. The printed material herein is copyrighted to me. Juice Press has permission to use all of it in perpetuity.)

When I founded Juice Press in 2010, the customer base had so many questions about the product. Juice, smoothies, and salads were not complicated subjects, however, juice cleanses were a craze and not one of the other juice businesses could explain the benefits from a precise and scientific vantage point.

In order to help educate the consumer and the staff about nutrition concepts, I had to come up with bite-sized printed pieces that people could take with them. I made the first Juice Press postcard at a Fedex/Kinkos while I was working on the menu art file, to take a break from the tedium of building a menu file.

The first postcard I made was in response to the common question from males over 40 years of age: "What's good for, ya know, an erection?" I really did not like talking about that with strangers, so I made a postcard to explain the science.

The title of the postcard was "What makes penis happy?" I made a postcard holder from stainless steel and hung it on the wall at the first JP location.

It was hit! When people picked up the card and read it, I would often hear outbursts of laughter! So, my postcard production journey began. To this day, I insist to myself that it was the postcard collection that truly made the early Juice Press stand out from all the rest! There was truly nothing else like the collection of printed materials that I have ever seen in a retail business! The collection was slowly removed from existence, one by one, as time went on, post-investors and new partnerships.

Take a look:

Below: "What Makes Penis Happy?..."

goodsugar - what makes penis happy postcard front


Below: "Assertive Women Who Drink Juice..."


Below: "Pink Eye and Chlamydia..." (The back of the card read: "Ginger juice!")

Below: "You are perfectly adapted to eat large portions of animal protein..."

Below: "Trust Me, I'm Doctor..."

trust me I am doctor

Below: "Eat More Fruit..."

eat more fruit

Below: "The People We Encounter Affect..."

negative people

Below: "Which of These is the Best Source of Protein?..."

Best Source oF Protein

Below: "Without Fruit We Are Totally Frucked..."

Without fruit we are frucked

Below: "Chronic Inflammation..."

chronic inflammation

Below Backside: "Chronic Inflammation..."

chronic. inflammation

Below: "F**k Juice..."


Below: "Grand Opening.."


Below: "Grand Opening back side..."

backside of hampton card

Below: "Red Velvet Cake..."

Below: "Hollywood Squares..."

hollywood squares

There's about 50 more postcards in my archives!

Thank you for your interest.


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