Single-Use Plastic

Single-Use Plastic

In order for us to promote the health of this planet, in order for us to stop seeing garbage on every corner of this earth each one of us will have to do something differently than the way we did before. We have to stop waiting for everyone else to do something. We have to stop relying on government, famous people, garbage pickup people, prophets, etc. 

Stop accepting and expecting single-use plastic packaging. This is a simple concept. Depise it. Yell at it. Ignore it. Talk about it with everyone. Be annoying. 

We will not be using single-use plastic packaging in our retail store(s). We all must stop consuming single-use plastic. We will all have to change your habits and we will have to be inconvenienced to a small degree.

It’s time for all of us to clean up the beaches, hiways, parkways, city streets, oceans, waterways, etc. 

Think about plastic straws, forks, spoons, knives, plastic wrappers for straws, lids, caps, bags, etc. There is 800 Billion Metric Tons of these items, and other plastic nonsense, floating around in the air, oceans, rivers, landfills, soil, and inside our bodies. Yuchh!

We are using glass to do our part. There are many other things goodsugar can do as we grow. One step at a time.

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