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Marcus Antebi founder of Juice Press & goodsugar™ - My sports backround

I survived 13 years of skydiving and retired with over 2,300 jumps. I survived competitive Muay Thai fighting. I did this all while plant based and vegan — and now I have made it my life’s mission to teach people ways to make their body into a fortress: through diet, exercise, supplements, and shifting your mindset.

Born in Brooklyn, 1969, then I founded Juice Press — a true wellness platform centered around organic, plant based food and beverages — in NYC in 2010, and built it to 85 locations across the country. I have a passion for all aspects of the food and beverage components of the wellness industry, but to me, the most important outcome of my time at Juice Press were the thousands of individual people’s lives I was able to impact.

It comes with the territory that I assume this role: I’ve been working very hard at maintaining good health almost all my life, beginning when I quit drinking and drugs at age 15 (and remained sober ever since). I’ve been 100% plant based for many years, and maintained this diet while competitively Muay Thai fighting, focusing on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fresh, raw juices.

For ten years at Juice Press, I focused obsessively on sourcing the absolute best plant-based ingredients for every product, implementing top of the line & exceptionally safe, production methods, and developing the most flavorful, nutrient-rich recipes possible.

With the support of my mentor Fred Bisci, my amazing wife Teresa Lourenco-Antebi, and my team of scientists and doctors at goodsugar™, I have created a wellness platform like no other, with innovative supplements and a diet which will elevate your life. So much more is still to come.

goodsugar™ stands up for your health.

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